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    Murfee Engineering
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    Dedicated to...
    the careful art of listening.
    Truly understanding our client's needs.
    We are accessible, and work closely and personally with each client.
    We combine state of the art technology and new and innovative applications,
    with a hands-on management style.
    We have a broad range of professional experience in both the public and private sector,
    to assist our clients in obtaining approvals and in providing regulatory review.
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    Making It Happen
    Murfee Engineering



Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Local and Regional Planning - Water and Wastewater System Analysis and Modeling - Water Supply Treatment and Distribution Systems - Water Conservation Plans - Utility Rate Studies - Alternative Disposal Methods


Environmental Engineering

Environmental Analysis and Reports - Environmental Mitigation plans for project approvals - Water Quality Impact Assessments - Regulatory Agency Liaison



Floodplain Analysis - Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling - Site Drainage and Grading - Stormwater Collection - Filtration and Detention Facilities - Flood Protection Structures


Special District Engineering

Engineering and Creation Reports - District and Contract Bond Applications - Official Statements for Bond Sales - Utility Design Reports - General District Engineering and Consulting


Land Development

Land Development Feasibility - Cost Analysis - Subdivision Platting -Planning - Utility Coordination - Contract Preparation and Bidding - Construction Management and Inspection


Construction Administration

Review of Specifications and Designs - Preparation of Bid Documents - Review of Bid Proposals - Assistance in Awarding Contracts - Monitoring of Job - Progress, Expenditures, and Cash Flow Projections - Construction Observation


Project Management

In each of the MEC’s service areas, there are experienced Project Managers to guide projects to completion. This group is committed to working closely with clients to meet budgets, schedules, and overall goals. We are also capable of coordinating effectively with other consultants as needed, and familiar with the regulatory environment affecting engineering projects so as to minimize the approval and permit seeking process. The participation of these managers is a valuable asset in the completion of any project.

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