Before we had the web, our mass communication was often printed on paper. I have extensive experience in print design. In my freelance adventures, I have created all manner of print collateral. Marketing strategies are focused on continuity of message between their web and print campaigns. I would like to help bridge those worlds.

Marketing Collateral

My experience with print marketing collateral includes:

  • brochures
  • trade show packages
  • business cards
  • publication advertisements
  • informational signage
  • point of sale signage
  • product packaging
  • vehicle wraps


Creating a mark that will communicate to the world the essence of a business or project is always a challenge and an honor. I have created logos for:

  • beverage distributors
  • public engagement projects
  • small businessess
  • web startups

Maps and Infographics

Sometimes an infographic or a simple map is the perfect thing to communicate to your audience


Reach out to me and we can discuss your passion project. Hire me for a website or a web design position. Let me help you with your business or project branding.